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Video production has become increasingly important in modern marketing. YouFace is a service, addressed to your company or business, dedicated to the production of corporate videos or any video you need. There are many video functions and this is why relying on professional video production is a guarantee of success. Today the first impression you give is the one you transfer through videos: your new face.


Entrusted to the Youface Video Team 

YouFace is born with the intent to help, through the realization of corporate videos, all those realities that are entering the world of Social. In this world, it’s important to present yourself well and be noticed. The main medium is the video and the more the video is professional, the more relevant is the image of you or your business.

Videos are the future of the communication

It’s now a “given” and no longer something that is expected to happen! Enter in the heads, create a memory and call to the action.

Over a billion videos viewed per day

Incredible data? Maybe, but too often the importance of a video is underestimated. We truly believe we have a product of quality and perhaps people already know that it’s a quality product. But someone will come one day, who will get a better perception through a video. And then?

The possible uses of videos are many.

Social media are the masters, corporate videos can be conveyed and shown to whomever you want by paying for advertising. They can also be shared: and this is fantastic. The word of mouth 2.0!

Why you need Videos

Video is the engine of your success

Nowadays reliable experts agree that 2020 will be the “Year of the videos”. Many web influencers publish a video per day. Why? Well, simple! Video content is increasingly appreciated. Reading is much more challenging than watching a video, and, if we analyze the data, we understand, clearly and unequivocally, that every activity needs a video.

We often hear people say: “Those who need my product are looking for me and they will find me immediately”. True. But what about the ones are not looking for you? There is out there a whole world of people that don’t need your product just because they don’t know that it exists! Facebook, for example, gives you the chance to show your videos, maybe your products, to people who didn’t even know you existed. After watching the video, these people could buy your product online. All this is fantastic. Video can forward your business to the next level!

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